wade marynowsky

The_Geek_From_Swampy_Creek (2005) is an alter ego created by Marynowsky. The Geek seeks to parody the laptop performer by dressing as a quintessential nerd, complete with a brown suit, thick glasses, an extended mega brain helmet and projected visuals. The Geek entertains through theatrics combined with live audio-visual processing. The fused audio - visual processors (custom – built software) slowly transforms a nightmarish tree into a bubbling swamp. The sounds the Geek explores here are endlessly decaying computer bleeps and the sounds of nature, particularly that of the swamp from which he rose. B-grade monster and science fiction films inspire the Geek.

The_Geek_From_Swampy_Creek video was released on the complilation 'Syncresis', ANAT, 2007, watch it here