wade marynowsky

SPANKY : eclectic-electronica Live Audio Visual projection (1998-2002).

Spanky's music steams from textured noise, techno, hiphop, D&B, ambient, spastic breaks and hardcore bringing forth that "computer styley". Spanky has teamed up with Maya ZB for various tracks on the home released "Spanky and Chow" and "Velvet Spanky" CD's. Maya is the mutant casio maestro who's lounge keyboard playing sends smooth yet disturbing resonance into Spanky's breaks. Together a twisted weird tension is born. Live , Spanky uses custom built software to trigger audio visual loops and samples that are projected and amplified.

Spanky- Demo 2002 available here.


2002AD - analogue to digital : surgery records, has the Spanky track 'Hurricane'.

Rebirth of fool 2: Dual pLover has the track Hot Diggity

Cheese Saloon 1998 was released on Freaky loops 99 and Elephant Traks : Food to eat music by